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Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute®

D2 - BHA Instructor Required - Package (7 Classes)

in 2 - Noeticus Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program™ (NACCTP)

NACCTP: 6-SU24-BHA Instructor Required Class Package


with Ryan Kennedy, PsyD, LP, LAC, MAC, RN, ACS

Calendar Jul 17, 2024 at 9 am

DESCRIPTION: The Noeticus Addiction Counselor Clinical Training Program™ (NACCTP) is one of the many programs of the Noeticus Center for Professional Development™ (NCPD) and specializes in providing Colorado Behavioral Health Administration (BHA)-approved addiction counselor classes to mental health professionals and graduate students who have or will have a clinical graduate degree by the time they apply for their Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) credential in Colorado. 

Those seeking only the Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) and/or Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) credentials are also welcome, though the majority of our learners come into our CAC/LAC classes already having strong academic backgrounds in mental health counseling along with clinical experience through practicum, internship, and post-graduate work experience. We also welcome mental health professionals and students as well as those from other disciplines seeking continuing education (CE) and continuing professional development (CPD) hours. For those without some prior academic coursework in counseling or clinical experience, please check-in with us prior to registration to make sure this will be a useful learning experience for you.

NOTE: NACCTP classes can be taken independently, as required courses for CAT/CAS/LAC credentialing, and also as part of the Noeticus Professional Addiction Counselor - Certification Program™ (NPAC-CP). The NPAC-CP includes all of the LAC classes along with ongoing clinical supervision toward licensure. It does not include clinical placement or work experience. Participation in this program requires special application and individual approval.

CAT/CAS/LAC Credentialing General Information

There are three levels of credentialing for addiction counselors in Colorado. The entry-level is the Certified Addiction Technician (CAT), the intermediate level is the Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS), and the advanced level is the Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC). Each level of credentialing is based on four factors: 1) education; 2) experience; 3) supervision; and 4) examination. Each applicant is encouraged to read and understand the most recent edition of the, Handbook for Addiction Counselors, provided by the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) before beginning the formal training process so that the correct level of credentialing is selected, the sequence of classes is clear, the amount of supervised work experience is understood, and the right examination is taken.

Our class packages are developed for students who wish to take all of their CAC/LAC classes through a BHA-approved instructor and are not planning to apply for "educational equivalency" for classes listed on an undergraduate or graduate transcript from a regionally accredited college or university. For those wishing to apply for educational equivalency, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE doing so BEFORE starting classes with us. The only way to know if a class will be approved for educational equivalency is to have all official transcripts reviewed by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE). We cannot review or approve anyone's transcript. Neither can DORA nor can BHA. Only the CCE can review and approve prior coursework. This only applies to thirteen (13) of the 20 classes. There are seven (7) classes that must be taught by a BHA-approved instructor and we have a class package specific to that trajectory. This is a nice option for those pursuing approval through the CCE who expect some or several classes might be approved but want to get started while they wait. With the CCE-approved classes and the seven (7) classes requiring a BHA-approved instructor completed, the remaining classes can be taken individually as needed.

For learners purchasing our other packages, please note that there are three options: 1) the Full CAT Package with 9 (nine) core classes; 2) the Full CAS Package with 11 (eleven) additional classes (which need to be taken along with the 9 CAT classes); and 3) the Full LAC Package with 7 (seven) required classes. The packages are designed in 6-month sequences that begin in January and July of each year. The CAT classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and the CAS classes are offered on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The LAC classes are spread throughout the CAT and CAS class schedule. Some learners take all nine (9) of the CAT classes over the initial six-month period followed by all eleven (11) of the CAT classes over the subsequent 6-month period. Other learners choose to take all twenty (20) of the classes over a single six-month period. The classes are strategically sequenced so that any of the above approaches will meet the prerequisite requirements for certification or licensure. NOTE: All NACCTP Class Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable to another person, and must be completed within 12 months of the date of purchase (unless other arrangements are made).

BHA Instructor Required Package Specific Information

Two (2) of the nine (9) Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) classes and five (5) of the eleven (11) Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) classes must be taught by a BHA-approved instructor (or through an academic program approved by BHA) and cannot receive educational equivalency through the CCE. Our BHA Instructor Required Class Package provides only these classes. Purchasing this package is an ideal option for learners who are applying for educational equivalency through the CCE and who expect some or several classes to be approved. The seven (7) classes requiring a BHA-approved instructor completed, in combination with the CCE-approved classes receiving educational equivalency, will indicate which of the remaining CAC/LAC classes will need to be taken individually.

No matter which package is selected, save 20% on all registration categories (group, military/veteran, student, BBIPOC/LGBTQIA+) when purchasing this or any of our class or training packages. The Full LAC Class Package includes the following individual classes:

All Seven (7) BHA-Instructor Required Classes

  1. Advanced Pharmacology* (CAS; 14.0 Contact Hours)
  2. Advanced Professional and Ethical Practice* (CAS; 14.0 Contact Hours)
  3. Clinical Supervision I* (CAS; 21.0 Contact Hours)
  4. Clinical Supervision II* (CAS; 14.0 Contact Hours)
  5. Infectious Diseases in Addiction Treatment* (CAS; 14.0 Contact Hours)
  6. Pharmacology I* (CAT; 14.0 Contact Hours)
  7. Principles of Addiction Treatment* (CAT; 21.0 Contact Hours)

The seven (7) classes can be completed in as little as six months or can be extended up to 12 months. All Noeticus® Class and Training Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable to another person, and must be completed within 12-months of the date of purchase (unless other arrangements are made). NACCTP classes can be taken as an educational requirement for CAT/CAS/LAC credentialing through BHA/DORA or as continuing education (CE) or continuing professional development (CPD) only. Additionally, these and all addiction counselor classes seek to enhance the ability of the counselor to offer treatment services in a manner that respects gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural, familial, systemic, and socioeconomic diversity.

For those pursuing this option, please note that some of these classes have a prerequisite not included in the package. Because of this, it's critical to confirm that any prerequisites have been met before taking the class with us - either through a CCE transcript review and approval or through a BHA approved instructorIMPORTANT: The start date listed here only indicates when the package is designed to begin, not when the separate classes begin. Please check individual listings for specific class start dates.

Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute® has been approved by NAADAC as an Approved Education Provider (AEP #151584) and NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP #6704). Programs that do not quality for NAADAC or NBCC credit are clearly identified. All NACCTP trainings are approved by BHA for CAC/LAC credentialing. Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute® is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

  • COHORT: Winter 2023 Class Cohort.
  • DATES: The seven (7) classes are designed to begin in January or July, but may begin with the first available CAT/CAS class in the specified cohort after registration and continue until they are complete unless a class is full or a prerequisite has not been met yet. If a specific sequence is needed, please let us know ASAP. Many classes have registration limits, be sure to register early to guarantee placement.
  • TIME: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
  • CE CONTACT HOURS: 112.0 Contact Hours.
  • CE APPROVALS: DORA, NAADAC, NBCC; Applicable to CAT/CAS/LAC Credentialing.
  • RECOMMENDED TEXT: Participants may find it helpful to read the Handbook for Addiction Counselors, available HERE.
  • CLASS CATEGORY: CAT/CAS/LAC Classes (All 7 BHA Instructor Required Classes).
  • BHA REQUIRED INSTRUCTOR: Classes requiring a BHA instructor are indicated with an asterisk (*) in the list above. Students may apply for Educational Equivalency with the CCE for all other classes.
  • PREREQUISITE(S): Participants are responsible for ensuring their individual class sequence meets any prerequisites associated with their level of credential.
  • PAYMENT PLAN: A payment plan can be established through the online registration process.
  • DISCOUNT: Buy all seven (7) classes separately at the General Professional rate and pay $1,493.00. Save 20% automatically with our Class Package and pay only $1,194.40 (Save $298.60; Provided at Check-Out). Payment plans are available through the registration process.
  • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS: Groups of 3+ = Save an Additional 10%; Military/Veterans = Save an Additional 15%; Graduate Students = Save an Additional 20%; BBIPOC/LGBTQIA+/Social Justice Rate = Save an Additional 25%; Noeticus Staff/Former Staff = Save an Additional 30% (Only One Category Available; Discount Provided Automatically at Check-Out).

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