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Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute®

4g - NSTE-PE Training Package (Save 20%)

in 4g - Noeticus Science and Technical Excellence - Practice Endorsement™ (NSTE-PE; 45.0 Contact Hours)

NCPD: 1-AN24-4g-Noeticus Science and Technical Excellence-Practice Endorsement™ (NSTE-PE; 45.0 Contact Hours)


with Ryan Kennedy, PsyD, LP, LAC, LMFT, LPC, ACS

Calendar Jul 23, 2024 at 9 am

Save 20% on all standard registration categories (general, group, military/veteran, student) when purchasing this or any of our class or training packages. See details below!

DESCRIPTION: The Noeticus Science and Technical Excellence - Practice Endorsement™ (NSTE-PE; 45.0 Contact Hours) highlights important domains of clinical practice that often aren't covered in sufficient depth during typical graduate mental health studies or that can benefit from regular review and updates. One such area is the process of gathering information through assessment, making meaning of that information through diagnosis, and acting on that meaning in a coherent fashion through treatment interventions tied to a clear theoretical orientation. The DSM-5-TR™ is the text used to frame this activity and is investigated from a variety of contextual angles. Another area of exploration is that of gaining a better understanding of the neurological basis of behavior through studying the general anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system. There is a focus on how the brain develops, what the functional units are within the brain, and how things like trauma or illness can impact the brain. This is done with a particular focus on what is useful for mental health professionals to know in order to deliver more effective therapeutic practice. The final area of consideration is looking at the pharmacodynamic process of neurotransmission and in particular, the effects of medications and drugs on the brain. In this learning domain, there is a focus on understanding both the electrical and chemical processes that occur within the nervous system, how nerve pathways are shaped through development and experience, and how psychotropic medications and substances can influence these systems. Though client engagement and an attuned relationship are key features of an effective therapeutic relationship, having facility with the clinical process, understanding how the brain mediates behavior, and recognizing the impact of medications or drugs on the brain are also essential knowledge domains for the well-rounded mental health professional.

The Noeticus Science and Technical Excellence - Practice Endorsement™ (NSTE-PE; 45.0 Contact Hours) includes the following individual trainings:

NOTE: Training Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable to another person, and must be completed within 12 months of purchase (unless other arrangements are made). Courses must be completed in the sequence indicated. Packages must be purchased at time of original sale and cannot be purchased retroactively. Placement is contingent on availability and is not automatic. Enrollment in a Practice Endorsement does not guarantee placement in a Certification Program. Courses can be taken independently and also as part of our various Practice Endorsements and/or Certification Programs if available. IMPORTANT: The start date listed only indicates when the package is designed to begin, not when the separate classes begin. Please check individual listings for specific class start dates.

  • COHORT: 2024 Annual Training Cohort (Once per Year).
  • DATES: The scheduled dates for this training cohort are below. These are the default dates for this package. Trainings must be taken and completed in this sequence. If alternate dates are needed, please let us know ASAP:
  • TIME: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • CE CONTACT HOURS: 45.0 Contact Hours.
  • CE APPROVALS: DORA, NAADAC, NBCC; Applicable to the Noeticus Science and Technical Excellence - Practice Endorsement™ (NSTE-PE).
  • RECOMMENDED TEXT(S): Participants may find it helpful to read the books and/or other resources listed on the registration page for each class or training ahead of time and to bring these materials with them to the designated class or training.
  • PREREQUISITE(S): 1) DSM-5-TR™ and the Clinical Process = None; 2) Essential Neuroscience for Mental Health Professionals = None; and 3) Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals = None.
  • PAYMENT PLAN: A payment plan can be established through the online registration process. See bottom of page for more details.
  • DISCOUNTS: Purchase all three trainings separately at the General Professional rate and pay $900.00. Save 20% automatically with our Training Package and pay only $720.00 (Save $180.00; Provided at Check-Out).
  • ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS: Groups of 3+ = Save an Additional 10%; Military/Veterans = Save an Additional 15%; Graduate Students = Save an Additional 20%; Noeticus Staff/Former Staff = Save an Additional 25% (Provided at Check-Out).

Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute® has been approved by NAADAC as an Approved Education Provider (AEP #151584) and NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP #6704). Programs that do not quality for NAADAC or NBCC credit are clearly identified. All NACCTP trainings are approved by BHA for CAC/LAC credentialing. Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute® is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Practice Endorsement and Certification Program - General Information

The Noeticus Center for Professional Development™ (NCPD) at Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute® offers a variety of Practice Endorsements (PEs) and Certification Programs (CPs) to mental health professionals and those in related disciplines seeking to deepen their focus in one particular area of practice beyond a singular course. Practice Endorsements are usually either 45.0 or 90.0 contact hours in length and typically are comprised of three, 15-hour classes, though in some cases other combinations are used to total that amount of time. 

Practice Endorsements offer course participants the experience of engaging in a mini-sequenced course of study with a learning cohort of like-minded professionals committed to taking the next step in their professional development. The curriculum for each of the endorsements has been carefully and coherently assembled based on thematic similarities in their content and/or application areas. Additionally, the material is shared in a way that reflects contemporary practices in adult learning theory - including both didactic and experiential learning along with ample opportunities for immediate application and building strong and lasting connections with other training participants that extend well beyond the courses themselves. IMPORTANT: Registration for a Professional Endorsement offers open enrollment to any participant, whether through individual courses or full packages.

By contrast, Certification Programs (CPs) require additional components beyond the associated courses, typically including such things as outside practice sessions, clinical consultation/supervision, skills demonstration, and/or a final certification project. In some instances, Practice Endorsements can be applied to partially fulfill the educational requirements for a Certification Program. Certification Programs are more intensive and integrative than Practice Endorsements and thus require more focus and commitment to complete, usually ranging from 100.0 to 150.0 contact hours each. IMPORTANT: Registration for a Certification Program is through application and approval only, thus open enrollment is not possible. Completion of partial credit through a Practice Endorsement does not guarantee placement in a Certification Program, therefore we encourage those interested in going through a Certification Program to apply early. For more information, please visit the prospective Certification Program website or contact us at

Practice Endorsement and Certification Program - Registration Policies

When course participants register for one of our packages, we try to place them in the first class or training that is part of that series. This helps ensure that all prerequisites are met and also maximizes the possibility of meeting and developing connections with other members of the learning cohort. In some cases, this is not possible due to scheduling conflicts, emergencies, under-enrollment, and other unexpected events. In such cases, we work individually with course participants to transfer them to the next available course or develop an alternative learning plan if necessary. Thus it is important to recognize that registration for an individual course or a particular course package does not guarantee specific placement.

Practice Endorsements and Certification Programs are built into our annual calendar of classes and trainings. Some of them are offered four times a year on a quarterly basis, others are offered twice a year on a semi-annual basis, while others are only offered once a year on an annual basis. Classes and trainings that are part of a Practice Endorsement or Certification Program can be purchased separately or as part of a class or training package. If a package registration is selected, a 20% discount will be automatically deducted from any of the standard registration categories (general, group, military/veteran, student) at the time of purchase. Class and training packages are non-refundable, non-transferable to another person, and be completed within 12 months of the date of purchase (unless other arrangements are made). Packages cannot be retroactively purchased once sales of individual classes or trainings have been completed, so be sure to select accordingly.

Practice Endorsement and Certification Program - Final Conferral

For both Practice Endorsements and Certification Programs, each course participant must submit an application to receive the final endorsement or certification once all requirements have been fulfilled as this is not automatic. The application can be downloaded HERE

Payment plan available: $200 deposit plus 5 payments of $86.66, paid every two weeks. Final payment of $86.70.

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